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Specialty Crops At Risk Program (SCARP) is an effort to fortify specialty crop producers with a means to maintain their integrated pest management options. Crops (commodities) include both plants and animals. We also include other specialty areas such as turf, non-crop and urban pest management.

Goals of SCARP Projects:

  • Branding crop as an IPM Enhanced Commodity
  • Marketing crops using SCARP methods to enhance profitability and IPM production methods
  • Standardization of IPM knowledge and protocols across all stakeholder groups
  • Compliance with pesticide laws/regulations and safety standards
  • Enhanced educational, research and regulatory services
  • Direct input into pesticide regulatory process by stakeholders
  • Enhanced decision-making by regulators based on stakeholder needs and knowledge of economic and IPM impacts
  • Enhanced public relations based on knowledge of benefits of IPM and reduced risk


Criteria for inclusion in a SCARP project include three or more of the following:

  • crop acreage limited in size due to economics (minor crop nationally or regionally)
  • acreage compressed by location or land use
  • high pesticide use
  • crop impacted by Food Quality Protection Act (FQPA)
  • limited number of registered pesticides
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies in jeopardy
  • acreage located near sensitive areas
  • sensitive crop (impacted by pesticides used in nearby location)
  • crop new to agriculture (a specialty crop or commodity)
  • crop involved in controversy due to pesticide control issue
  • risk of misuse of pesticides or harm due to current pest management methods
  • crop or commodity benefited by best management practices protocols (IPM Elements)


Crops under Assessment or Qualified for a SCARP Project (currently):

  • honey bees
  • Christmas trees (both Mountain and Piedmont crops)
  • turf (commercial golf courses, institutional turf, lawn care, sod farms)
  • wine grapes
  • goats (meat and dairy)


To be considered for inclusion in a SCARP Assessment Project contact:


Tools used with SCARP:


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