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Virginia Specialty Crops at Risk Program (SCARP)

We are actively involved in the collection, analysis, reporting, and distribution of data on the use of pesticides in Virginia. We focus most of our efforts on establishing the importance of various pest management strategies to Virginia agriculture. We are actively developing crop pest management profiles, pest management strategic plans, and IPM Elements documents to support the continued availability of viable pest management tools for agriculture and specialty uses.


SCARP is funded by the Southern IPM Center and supports the USDA - Office of Pest Management Policy. A previous name for the program was Virginia Pest Management Information Program and it was originally part of the National Agricultural Pesticide Impact Assessment Program (PIAP) established in 1977 to collect pesticide benefit use data for EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs. PIAP was a joint effort of USDA and the state Land-Grant University - Agricultural Experiment Stations and Cooperative Extension Services.


IPM & Pesticide References & Databases

A collection of references on IPM, pesticide information, and alternative pest management solutions.

News, Surveys, and Other IPM and Regulatory Resources

Important sources of information for pest managers.

There are a number of references that can be helpful to solve problems ranging from regulatory questions to detailed IPM solutions.  Here is a series of links that may be helpful.

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