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Virginia Pesticide Applicator Training Manuals

A summary of training manuals available through Virginia Tech for applicators preparing for Virginia state pesticide applicator certification exams. These manuals are approved for training by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Ordering Manuals

Virginia pesticide applicator training manuals are available for purchase from Virginia Tech. You can either purchase these online below or use other available purchasing options. Please make sure your order is correct once you place it.
NOTE: Effective July 1, 2015, pesticide applicator training manuals will be printed off-site through a contract with OfficeMax. This print-on-demand system will eliminate storage costs and provide a direct-to-client purchasing system.This will enable us to continue to hold down overhead costs and thus maintain current manual prices. Since the books will no longer be printed at Virginia Tech or stored in our Extension Distribution Center, customers will no longer be able to walk into the center to purchase manuals. As of July 1, all purchases must be transacted through Extension's online store. Virginia customers should allow 3 business days from date of purchase to receive manuals.
  • Manuals are NOT returnable. There is a 60-day limit on resolution of transactions. Manual prices are set - we have no means to discount by volume or to certain entities. Prices are subject to change without notice. 
  • The university has contracted with an outside e-commerce service provider to handle online orders. The online ordering system is linked below. No ordering information is kept on the VTPP website or by Virginia Tech. The e-commerce site is secure and will protect your privacy. The online system will accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express credit cards. For those who don't use credit cards we have the option to use E-Checks
  • To use the online system, first add the type of manual(s) you need to the shopping cart below (STEP 1). Then click on the button for STEP 2. This will enable you to adjust the number of manuals and enter your delivery information. Then click on STEP 3 to add shipping and handling. You will then be directed to enter your payment information. If you plan to send payment through the mail (check, money order, or purchase order) you must print out the form with the correct calculated charges and send the form with your payment. If not, enter your credit information and complete your purchase transaction according to directions.
  • For help with ordering or an explanation of E-Checks, please go to the other available purchasing options page referenced above.
  • We strongly suggest that you use the latest (non-beta) version of Firefox as your browser to order manuals.
  • Manuals are listed below in category number order. For information about each manual (publication number, date, number of pages, and intended audience), hold your mouse over the blue “i” button. Manuals offered for sale are the most recent versions available. 
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