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Videos of spray application and other topics.

Spray Helicopter Taking Off and Landing

A Hiller Spray Helicopter is taking off, spraying a test strip, and landing.

Honey bees pollinating clover in field.

An afternoon on the Virginia Tech Drillfield with honey bees. Honey bees are threatened by many factors including pesticides. Watch the video and refer to the information in the column to your right to learn more about protecting honey bees.

Protecting Water Quality Through Proper Pesticide Use

Designed for commercial applicators, this video helps you learn the importance of our water resources and how to protect them. Developed by Virginia Cooperative Extension - Virginia Tech Pesticide Programs.

Larry the Label

Read the Label. USDA, 1965.

Nozzle Output Comparison

Can you see the difference in output between these two nozzles? One is a low drift nozzle and the other is not. Which nozzle would you choose for your spray rig - given that spray drift is a violation of federal and state pesticide laws and a major cause of litigation involving pesticides?

USDA Safe Use of Pesticides PR Video

A video to promote the efforts of USDA and FDA to protect our environment and food supply from the misuse of pesticides. Created around 1960.

Fundamentals of Calibration

Fundamentals of Calibration offers the user an insight into the basic principles of all spraying systems. These include: speed, concentration, swath width, flow rate, orifice size, nozzles and pressure. Please note: This video was originally developed for an interactive video system which used computer graphics in various spots in the video. Those segments aren't visible in this video. As a result you will see black and white blank screens with audio at various points in the video. Be patient, the picture part of the video will return. The audio plays throughout the video and its educational value is invaluable to anyone wanting to learn the basics of calibration.

Soil Fumigation Rig in Operation

This video demonstrates how a tractor-based soil fumigation rig operates in the field. The video shows a tractor/applicator operator and an assistant. The operator controls the rig and the assistant makes sure the plastic tarp material is placed properly at the start of each row. The rig has several tanks with fumigant that is pumped through chisels into the soil. The chisels do their work as the tarp seals in the fumigant so it won't volatilize into the atmosphere. The assistant makes sure a wheel overlaps the tarp being applied with the tarp already put down in the next row. An adhesive is applied from another tank on the tractor to glue the tarp sections together under the wheel as it rolls down the row. The process moves pretty quickly as you can see from the video.

Hand Operated Soil Injection Device

This is the Kioritz hand operated soil injector. In this video the applicator is applying a systemic insecticide to control the hemlock woolly adelgid.

Airblast Sprayer

Airblast sprayer in orchard.

Fixed Wing Aerial Application Demonstration

A flyover at Eastern Shore Nursery in Melfa, Virginia. Aerial demonstration conducted by Carter Crabbe of W. Carter Crabbe Aviation in Melfa.

Quest for Queenie

B. B. Heartless vs State of Euphoria Mock Trial Video - 2006 Pesticide Inspector Residential Training (US EPA, VDACS, VTPP)

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