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Sprayer Tutorial

Sprayers are the most common pesticide application equipment. They are standard equipment for nearly every pesticide applicator and are used in every type of pest control operation. Sprayers range in size and complexity from simple, hand-held models to intricate machines weighing several tons.

Small Motorized Sprayers

Some small sprayers have all the components of larger field sprayers but usually are not self-propelled. They may be mounted on wheels so they can be pulled manually; mounted on a small trailer for pulling behind a small tractor; or skid-mounted for carrying on a small truck. They may be low-pressure or high-pressure, according to the pump and other components with which they are equipped.

Standard equipment includes a hose and an adjustable nozzle on a handgun. Some models have multi-nozzle booms. These sprayers are suitable for relatively small outdoor areas.



  • larger capacity than hand sprayers,
  • low- and high-pressure capability,
  • built-in hydraulic agitation,
  • small enough for limited spaces.



  • not suitable for general field use


Estate sprayers

These sprayers are mounted on a two-wheel cart with handles for pushing. Trailer hitches are available for towing the units. Spray material is hydraulically agitated. Some models have 15- to 30-gallon tanks. Pumps deliver 1-1/2 to 3 gallons per minute at pressures up to 250 psi.

Larger models have 50-gallon tanks and pumps that deliver 3 to 4 gallons per minute at pressures up to 400 psi. Power is supplied by an air-cooled engine of up to 5 horsepower.


Power backpack sprayer

This backpack-type sprayer has a small gasoline-powered engine. The engine drives the pump, which forces the liquid pesticide from the tank through a hose and one or more nozzles. The engine also drives air blowers, which help propel the spray droplets. This model can generate high pressure and is best suited for low-volume applications of dilute or concentrated pesticide.


Power wheelbarrow sprayer

This sprayer, like the manually operated wheelbarrow sprayer, has a tank mounted on a wheel for easy transport. It may deliver up to 3 gallons per minute and can develop pressures up to 250 psi. The 1-1/2-to 3- horsepower engine is usually air-cooled. The tank size ranges from 12 to 18 gallons. The spray mixture may be either mechanically or hydraulically agitated.


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