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Sprayer Tutorial

Sprayers are the most common pesticide application equipment. They are standard equipment for nearly every pesticide applicator and are used in every type of pest control operation. Sprayers range in size and complexity from simple, hand-held models to intricate machines weighing several tons.

Controlled Droplet Applicators (CDA)

These applicators use a spinning disk (or cup) that breaks the liquid into uniformly sized droplets by centrifugal force. The droplets may be carried to the target by gravity or by an airstream created by a fan. Power to spin the disk or cup is provided by a small electric or hydraulic motor. Most CDA's do not use a pump. CDA's range in size from a small hand-held type to large tractor-mounted and trailer-mounted units.


  • requires a low volume of water,
  • produces narrower range of droplet sizes than conventional nozzles, thus reducing drift,
  • droplet size can be adjusted by speed of rotation.



  • gravity type may not penetrate foliage well,
  • not suitable for use in windy conditions.
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