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Larry Family Tree

Larry Family Tree
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Virginia's First Pesticide Safety Educator

In 1889, William Bradford Alwood told the Albemarle Fruit & Grape Growers [Feb.15,1889 - Charlottesville Chronicle] the following:

  • He warned them against indiscriminate use of arsenic during flowering.
  • White arsenic was caustic to foliage.
  • Paris green was better, but precipitated; it was dangerous to use too much.
  • London purple was better - it stayed in suspension.
  • He warned users to remember they were handling poisons.
  • He warned them to take precautions to protect themselves.
  • He warned persons handling arsenic all day - should wash at night.
  • He indicated that work was being done to render arsenic insoluble in water - lessening its danger.


This made Professor Alwood Virginia's first pesticide safety educator.

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