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Pesticide Safety

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This gallery is dedicated to pesticide safety programs and education. The history of this discipline encompasses the work of the Extension Service with records of early training media dating to the 1950's. The establishment of the American Association of Pesticide Safety Educators in 1993 was a significant event in this historical record.

Public Service Announcements

This is a collection of PSAs from the 1950-70s. These range from pesticide safety to drug safety spots. The most famous character in these spots is "Larry the Label." Larry's high voice carried the day to warn people about reading the pesticide label.

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Pesticide Safety Posters of the Month Collection (1968-1974) - Virginia Cooperative Extension.

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The Life and Times of the Label Family

The history of Larry the Label and his family tree is a fun way to buy into his safety campaign. Check out the family tree and details below.

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Virginia's First Pesticide Safety Educator

In 1889, William Bradford Alwood told the Albemarle Fruit & Grape Growers [Feb.15,1889 - Charlottesville Chronicle] the following:

  • He warned them against indiscriminate use of arsenic during flowering.
  • White arsenic was caustic to foliage.
  • Paris green was better, but precipitated; it was dangerous to use too much.
  • London purple was better - it stayed in suspension.
  • He warned users to remember they were handling poisons.
  • He warned them to take precautions to protect themselves.
  • He warned persons handling arsenic all day - should wash at night.
  • He indicated that work was being done to render arsenic insoluble in water - lessening its danger.


This made Professor Alwood Virginia's first pesticide safety educator.

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