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Technology used for application, applicator protection, and other pest management uses.


A collection of spray nozzles dating back to 1880's. Some of the first nozzles were developed by C.V. Riley and manufactured in France by Vermorel. Many of these designs were eventually manufactured in the United States by F. E. Myers and Deming.

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The Wigginton Mouse Exterminator

N. J. Wigginton Company, Winchester, Virginia -- developed a unique mousetrap that was recommended to control the orchard vole and other rodents.

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Protecting the Applicator

Various methods were used to protect the applicator from exposure to pesticides. Here are some of the methods and technology available to applicators in the early 1900s.

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Application Equipment

Application equipment includes sprayers, dusters, spreaders and other devices used to apply pesticides and fertilizers.

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