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Early Days of the Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station

Established by the Virginia General Assembly in 1886, the Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station was located on the 283 acre campus of the Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College (VAMC) (later named Virginia Polytechnic Institute (VPI), and today - Virginia Tech).

Bios of Early Agricultural Experiment Station Workers in Virginia

A collection of random biographies found in the literature of early station workers in Virginia.

Alwood, William Bradford

  • fruit grower and farmer, Old Dominion Fruit Farm, Greenwood, Va

Teach. country sch., 1879-81; supt. Ohio Exp. Sta., 1882-86; asst. ent., U.S. Dept. Agr., 1886-8; vice-dir. Va Exp. Sta., 1888-1904; prof. hort., Va. Poly. Inst., 1891-1904; chg. invests on fermentation of fruit-products, Bur. Chem., U.S. Dept. Agr., 1900-06; enological chem., 1907-14; chief enological lab. Del. to Intern. Congress on Agrl. Educ., Paris, 1900. Intern. Congress on Viticulture, France, 1907, 1911, 1914; Intern. Congress for Agr., 1911. Pres. Intern. Congress Viticulture, San Francisco, Calif., 1915. Decorated by French govt., Chevalier du Merite Agricole, Officer du Merite Agricole; gold medal, St. Louis, 1904. hon. memorial medal, San Francisco, 1914. Fellow A.A.A.S. Mem. Societe des Chemists Experts de France. b- Delta, O., Aug. 11, 1859; s. D. W. and Anna E. (Brailey) A; reared on farm; m. Seffie Gantz, Mar. 4, 1884; c. Hubert J., Helen Anna, Nellie Sarah, Mabel, Wm. B., Jr., Lewis G., Esther, Richard O. Special student, Ohio State Univ.; Royal Pom. Sch., Germany, 1900-1; Inst. Pasteur, Paris, 1907.

Bailey, Ilena May

  • asst. in chg. home manag. studies, Off. Home Econ., U.S. Dept. Agr., Washington, D.C.

Teach rural schs., Riley Co., Kans., 1900-06; 1907-8; chg. inst. work for farm women, Mo. State Bd., Agr. 1909-11; field work in home manag., Univ. Mo. 1911-2; expert, Off. Farm Manag., U. S. Dept. Agr., 1912-5; present position, 1915-6, 1917-; home dem. agt., St. Joseph Co., Mich., 1916-7; b-Manhattan, Kans., Feb. 21, 1882; d. Clarence De Witt and Hattie (King) B.; reared on farm and town. B.S.A., Univ. Mo., 1912.

Cocke, Randolph Preston

  • supt. Agr. Exp. Sta., Lightfoot, Va.

Mem. Bd., Visitors, William and Mary Coll., (Alfalfa). - b. Powhatan Co., Va., Sept. 3, 1884; s. T. L. P. and Mary (Curtis) C.; reared on farm; m. Christine McRae, June 14, 1911; c. Duncan McRae, Mary Curtis, Thos. Preston. B. S. Va. Poly. Inst., 1906.

Drinkard, Alfred Washington, Jr.

  • dir. Va. Exp. Sta., Blacksburg, Va.

Record clerk in hort., Va. Exp. Sta., 1906-8; asst. hort., 1908-12; assoc. hort., 1912-6; dir., 1916-; Vice-pres. Va. State Hort. Soc., 1917. -b. Appomattox, Va., Jan. 10, 1883; s. Chas. M. and Mary Anne (Martin) D.; reared on farm. B. S. Va. Poly. Inst., 1900; M.S., 1908; Ph.D., Cornell Univ., 1913. Sigma Xi.


Ellett, Walter Beal

  • prof. agrl. chem., Va. Poly. Inst., Blacksburg, Va.

Instr. chem., Va. Poly. Inst., 1896-1900; asst. chem., Va. Exp. Sta., 1904-8; chem., 1908-; present position, 1915-; b. Montgomery Co., Va., Nov. 11, 1874; s. R. T. and S. (French) E.; reared in small town; B. S., Va. Poly. Inst., 1894; M.S., 1896; Ph.D., Goettingen Univ., Germany, 1904.


Fletcher, Stevenson W.

  • prof. hort., Penn. State Coll., State College, Pa.

Prof. hort., Wash. State Coll., 1900-2; prof. hort. W. Va. Univ., 1902-3; asst. prof. ext. teach in agr., Cornell Univ., 1903-5; dir. Va. Ext. Sta., 1908-15; present positio, 1916-; Orchardist, Va., 1908-15; in Pa., 1915-. Auth.: How to Make a Fruit Garden, 1906; Soils, 1907; Strawberry-Growing, 1917; The Strawberry in North America, 1917. (Pom.). -b. Littleton, Mass., Sept. 10, 1875; s. Chas. K. and Anna (Holton) F.; reared on farm; m. Edith Augusta Wallace, June 1901 (d. 1902); 2d., Margaret Rolston, June 1906; c. Robt., Richard, Stevenson, Peter, John, Margaret,. B.S. Mass. Agr. Coll., 1896; M.S.A., Cornell Univ., 1898; Ph.D., 19000. Alpha Zeta; Phi Kappa Phi.


Fromme, Fred Denton

  • prof. mycology and plant path., Exp. Sta., Va. Poly. Inst., Blacksburg, Va.

Asst. bot., Columbia Univ., 1911-13; asst. bot., Purdue Exp. Sta., 1913-15; present position, 1915-. Fellow A.A.A.S. -b. St. Paris, O., Apr. 2, 1886; s. Frank W. and Stella (Riker) F.; reared in city; m. Bess Fridley, June, 1913; c. Jean Louise, Anne, Barbara. B.S., S.D. State Coll., 1911; Ph.D., Columbia Univ., 1914. Sigma Xi.


Garnett, William Edward

  • prof. rural community problems, Univ. Ga., Athens, Ga.

Dir. agr., 6th Va. Congressional Distr. agrl., high-sch., 1912-4; organizer and conductor, Albemarle Co., Va., social and econ. survey, Va. Poly. Inst., Univ. Va. and U.S. Dept. Agr., 1915-6; asst. ext. dir., Univ. Wis., 1916; fellow sociol., 1917; prof. rural sociiol. and agr., Univ. Va., summers 1917-8; asst. community organizations, N.C. State Coll., 1918; present position, 1919-. -b. Albemarle Co., Va., Sept. 15, 1885; s. Jas. M. and Cornelia (Wingfield) G.; reared on farm; m. Lucy Goode Puryear, Sept. 4, 1916. B.S.A., Cornell Univ., 1912; M.A., Peabody Coll., 1915; Ph.D., Univ. Wis., 1920.


Holdaway, Charles William

  • prof. dairy husb., Va. Poly. Inst., Blacksburg, Va.

Asst. dairy husb., Va. Poly. Inst., 1903-7; instr., 1907-14; assoc. prof., 1914-8; prof., 1918-. Traveled in Australia, Samoa, Hawaii. -b. New Zealand, May 24, 1880; s. Chas. and Helen B. R. (Mair) H.; reared in town and on farm; m. Carrie E. McTavish, Dec. 25, 1907; c. Helen, Lorne, Chas., Amy. B. S. Va. Poly. Inst., 1912.  M. S., 1916.


Hutcheson, Thomas Barksdale

  • prof. agron., Va. Poly. Inst., Blacksburg, Va.

Asst. agron., Va. Exp. Sta., and instr. agron., Va. Poly. Inst., 1908-12; assoc. agron,, 1913; assoc. agron., Univ. Minn., 1913-4; present position, 1914-. -b. Charlotte C.H., Va., Mar. 23, 1882; s. Robt. F. and Mary C. (Barksdale) H.; reared on farm; m. Rosilie O. Stockard, June 4, 1914; B.S., Va. Poly. Inst., 1906; M.S., 1908; M.S.A., Cornell Univ., 1913. Sigma Xi.


Price, Harvey Lee

  • dean agrl. dept. and prof, Va. Poly. Inst., Blacksburg, Va.

Instr. hort., Va. Poly. Inst., 1900-03; prof. hort. and hort. Exp. Sta., 1903-; dean. agrl. dept. 1908-. (Hort. genetics). -b. Prices Fork, Va., Mar. 18, 1874; s. Wm. Taylor and Margaret Ellen (Hawley) P.; reared on farm; m. Daisy Conway, Sept. 21, 1904; c. W. B. Conway, Harvey L. Jr., Mary Luster, Jule. B. S. Va. Poly. Inst., 1898; M.S., 1900.


Price, James Clarence Conway

  • assoc. prof. hort., Ala. Poly. Inst., Auburn, Ala.

Instr. mech. arts, Va. Poly. Inst., 1904-7; insp., Va. Crop Pest. Comn., 1907-9; instr. hort., Ala. Poly. Inst. 1909-13; assoc. prof., 1913-. Sec.-treas. Ala. State Hort. Soc. - b. Blacksburg, Va., Mar. 19, 1881; s. Jas. Crockett and Mary (Christians) P.; reared on farm; m. Lulu Grace Coley, Oct. 28, 1908; c. Fred LeRoy, Jas. Wm., B. S., Va. Poly. Inst., 1908.


Reynolds, Ellen Ann

  • assoc. prof., home econ., Kans. State Agr. Coll., Manhattan, Kans.

Head sci. dept., Morton high-sch., Lexington, Ky., 1908-16; asst prof., home econ., Univ. Ky., 1916-8; superv. urban work, Va. Poly. Inst., Apr.-Oct. 1918; present position, 1919-. (House santitation and hygiene). - b. Lexington, Ky.; d. Samuel Washington and Mary Elizabeth (Shulock) R.; reared in city and country. B. S., Univ. Ky., 1895; M.S., 1918; A.M., Univ. Chicago, 1919.


Saunders, William Dabney

  • head dairy and an. husb. dept., Va. Poly. Inst., Blacksburg, Va.

In chg. creamery, Va. Poly. Inst.; adj. prof. and prof. dairy husb. and head dept. Sec. Va. State Dairymens Assoc., 1906-14; dairy and food comnr., Va. 1908-14. -b. Hunter Hall, Va., Sept. 3, 1865; s. Peter and Elizabeth Lewis (Dabney) S.; reared on farm; m. Bettie Montgomery, July 12, 1899; c. Robt. N., Wm. D., Elizabeth L., Isabella F. Student Univ. Va., Cornell Univ.


Schoene, William Jay

  • state ent. and ent. Exp. Sta., Va. Poly. Inst., Blacksburg, Va.

Asst. and assoc. ent., N.Y.Agr. Exp. Sta., Geneva, 1905-13; orchard insp., Ill., winter, 1905-6; state ent. Va., 1913-; acting dir. Exp. sta. 1914-6. -b. Henderson, Ky., July 27, 1879; s. W.M. and Ellen (Jay) S.; reared in town; m. R. B. Yankey, June 3, 1907; c. Chas. Andrew, Sara, Mary Margaret. B. A. Univ. Ky., 1905; M.S., Univ. Chicago, 1910.


Wolfe, Thomas Kennerly

  • assoc. prof. agron. and assoc. agron. Exp. Sta., Va. Poly. Inst., Blacksburg, Va.

Asst. agron., Va. Poly. Inst., 1914-5; instr., 1915-6; asst. agron. Exp. Sta., 1915-7; present position, 1917-. -b. Elkton, Va., July 14, 1892; s. J. H. and Elizabeth (Coffman) W.; reared in town and on farm; B. S. Va. Poly. Inst., 1914; M.S., 1915.



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