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What is the relationship between certified Commercial Applicator and a Registered Technician?

An applicator who has not completed all of the requirements for Commercial Applicator certification can be certified as a Registered Technician.

Registered Technicians must operate under the direct supervision of a commercial applicator when applying restricted-use pesticides. However, once certified, Registered Technicians can apply general-use pesticides without supervision.

Registered Technicians have demonstrated competency in "the basics" of pesticide safety by passing the Registered Technician exam. However, they have not demonstrated competency in category-specific aspects of pest or pesticide management. Thus, Registered Technicians cannot operate a licensed Pesticide Business. They must rely on a certified Commercial Applicator for pest and pesticide management decisions specific to their category -- for example, pest identification, control tactics, and timing.

Uncertified prospective Registered Technicians must be trained by a Commercial Applicator who is certified in the category corresponding to his/her work duties before taking the RT exam.

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