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Once certified, what are my options for recertification?

Applicators are required to be recertified every two years in Virginia.


To keep a VA private pesticide applicator certificate in force, the holder must earn at least one credit in each of three content areas per category every two years. Private applicators should contact their local Extension Agent to learn when and where courses approved for full and/or partial recertification credit will be held. Applicators may accumulate up to four years recertification credit. Private Applicator certificates expire December 31. Persons who allow their applicator's certificate to lapse for more than 60 days must retest in the appropriate private applicator category or categories.


CAs and RTs must participate in a continuing pesticide education program. CAs and RTs earn two years of recertification credit per fully-approved program. Certified applicators may accumulate up to four years of recertification credit. CAs or RTs who fail to recertify will not be permitted to renew their certificates. Failure to maintain a certificate, either due to failure to renew or recertify, will result in expiration. Persons who allow certificates to lapse for more than 60 days must re-take the Virginia certification exams to restore CA or RT status.



Recertification courses are offered by the Virginia Cooperative Extension, pesticide-related trade and professional organizations, and others. Program availability varies by category and by season. Most courses are offered between the months of September and March. Applicators are advised to keep in touch with their local Extension Agent and/or professional organizations and to monitor the website postings listed here to avoid missing recertification opportunities.


Private Applicator Recertification Courses



Commercial Applicator and Registered Technician Recertification Courses
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