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My pesticide applicator certificate expired. Do I have to take the test again or can I just fill out a form?

Virginia requires applicators to renew their certificates annually and to recertify every two years. If an applicator waits too long to do so, their certificate will expire.

There is a 60-day “grace period” for expired certificates. If it has not yet been 60 days, you need to find a recertification class to attend.

If your certificate has expired more than 60 days, you will need to re-test. A score of at least 76% must be obtained in order to pass.

To retest:

If you were a Commercial Applicator, complete a Commercial Pesticide Applicator Application (Form B [PDF]) and mail it to VDACS, along with a $70 fee.

If you were a Registered Technicians and you're reapplying to retest to reinstate a lapsed certificate, you should use the "regular" RT exam application form [PDF]. However, be sure to mark the appropriate box (reinstatement) near the top of the form.

(Using form B if you are a CA or marking "reinstatement" if you are a RT will ensure that you have only one record -- with all of your data in one place -- in the database that tracks VA-certified applicators!)

You will receive a "letter of authorization" in about 10 days. You have 90 days from the date on the letter in order to take the Commercial Applicator exam. Be sure to take the “letter of authorization” and picture I.D. with you to the testing center. If you test at your local DMV office, a temporary license will be issued to you that is valid for seven days. You should receive your actual license from VDACS within that time period.

If you are a Private Applicator, you can re-take exams at your local Extension office by appointment, or take a Private exam at the DMV. However, you MUST FIRST COMPLETE the the following form and mail or fax it to VDACS.

Private Pesticide Applicator Request for Authorization to Take Pesticide Application Exam at DMV [PDF]

Once processed, you will receive an authorization letter from VDACS. You must show this authorization and a picture I.D. before a test will be administered at a DMV.

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