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If I became certified in VA by reciprocity, how can I recertify?

MAINTAINING a Virginia Certificate granted by reciprocity:

Applicators who are certified in Virginia through reciprocity must maintain their Virginia certificates through:
- renewal, and
- recertification.

One recertification option is attending a Virginia-approved recertification course before their certificate expires (or within the 60-day grace period immediately following expiration).

Reciprocal REcertification may also be granted to out-of-state applicators (certified in a state that grants reciprocal REcertification to Virginia-certified applicators*) if they:
- maintain certification in their home state, and
- provide proof of their current home state certification status to the Office of Pesticide Services.

- Most of the states that border VA -- North Carolina, West Virginia, Tennessee, and South Carolina -- grant reciprocal Recertification to Virginia Applicators. In addition, VDACS has established that Georgia, Indiana, New Jersey and Pennsylvania will work reciprocally with them on this issue. Other states would have to be asked, case by case.
- The State of Maryland does NOT reciprocate with Virginia on REcertification.

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