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How do I add a category to my existing Commercial Applicator certificate?

Many commercial applicators are required to be certified in several categories.

In order to add a category to an existing license, you must complete a Commercial Pesticide Applicator Application (Form B [PDF]) and mail it to VDACS, along with a $35 fee. You will receive a "letter of authorization" in about 10 days. You have 90 days from the date on the letter to take the category-specific exam. BE SURE TO TAKE THE "LETTER OF AUTHORIZATION" AND A PICTURE I.D. WITH YOU TO THE TESTING CENTER. (If you do not have this information with you, you will not be able to take the test.) A score of at least 76% must be obtained in order to pass the exam. If you test at your local DMV office, your signed, stamped letter of authorization will serve as a temporary license that is valid for seven days. You should receive your actual license from VDACS within that time period.

- Exam proctors will give people what the authorization letter says they can have (or less), but no more/other.
- A person can request two exams and then decide to take only one...but they can't request one and then ask the DMV or other proctor to allow them to take two.

- Similarly, they can't "switch" -- meaning apply to take Ornamental (3A) and Turf (3B), and then decide they want Turf (3B) + Right-Of-Way (6) instead.

- When a certified applicator wants to add a category, the fee is $35.00 per each application. A certified Commercial Applicator can request as many added categories as they want to test for at one time, but there is a single $35.00 application fee that applies each time they submit an application. People must have an exam authorization letter for every exam session. So, it will cost a person who is certified in one category $35.00 to take exams for two added categories in one testing session. However, if the certified Commercial Applicator adds a second category in one testing session and a third in another, he/she must pay $35.00 twice = $70.00 in all.

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