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Can I take the core and a category exam in two testing sessions?

Can a prospective certified Commercial Applicator opt to take the Core and the Category exam(s) in two testing sessions (vs. one)? (If so, is there an additional fee?)

- Prospective applicators must have an exam authorization letter to take any certification exam -- regardless of whether they take one exam or many during a testing session.

- Qualified applicants receive one exam authorization letter per application.

- An exam authorization letter can be used only once.

- Every other application (and authorization letter) for a person in the process of becoming certified is free.

So, for example, if a prospective Commercial Applicator opts to apply for the Core exam first and one or more Category exams in a second sitting, he or she will need two exam authorization letters.
- The first application requires a $70.00 fee. (NOTE: government employees are fee-exempt.) Qualified applicants will receive an authorization letter (which is good for 90 days). They must give this authorization letter to the DMV or other exam proctor when they take the first/Core exam.
- However, after passing the Core, the as-yet uncertified person can apply a second time (no charge) for another authorization letter to use when they are ready to sit for one or more Category exam(s).

Another example: if a prospective Commercial Applicator applies for and takes the Core + Category exam, but fails one or the other, they can submit a second application (no fee) to retake the exam not passed on the first attempt.

If the prospective applicator needs a third exam session, he or she must pay another $70.00 fee.

NOTE: Exam proctors will give people what the authorization letter says they can have (or less), but no more/other.
- A person can request two exams and then decide to take only one...but they can't request one and then ask the DMV or other proctor to allow them to take two.
- Similarly, they can't "switch" -- meaning apply to take Core + Turf (3B) and decide they want Core + Ornamental (3A) or Core + Right-Of-Way (6) instead.

Bottom line -- it will NOT cost a prospective Commercial Applicator an additional $70.00 to the two (or more) exams they must pass in order to become certified in two sittings, provided they pass these exams in two sessions. (If the prospective applicator needs a third testing session, he/she must pay the $70.00 fee again.)

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