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Consumer WARNING - Unregistered Pesticide Products!

Consumers should use caution when buying pest control products. EPA exempts a number of products called "25b" pesticides from registration. Many of these products lack sufficient safety and use information. Many are marketed with false and misleading claims. Avoid buying from door-to-door, online, or telephone sellers. When shopping in your local store, make sure any product you buy has a EPA Registration Number on the label. With bed bugs, brown-marmorated stinkbugs, and Asian lady beetles affecting our daily lives, we are seeing more "snake-oil" products. If in doubt, contact your local Extension agent for assistance.

Honeybee Swarm Removal

With the domestic honeybee in a worldwide health crisis, pesticides are even less of an acceptable option to dealing with swarms around the home. More and more local beekeeper organizations are offering swarm removal as a public service. The Virginia State Beekeepers Association has a link to most local beekeeper organizations in Virginia.

Consumer Applicators

Homeowner applicator.

Consumers use "general" use pesticides in and around their own homes and gardens in their daily activities. This is non-occupational pesticide use, does not require certification, and involves the use of home and garden products that are available in consumer retail channels.


There are a variety of educational resources available to help consumers use pesticides safely and/or learn about alternatives to the use of pesticides. Other resources help consumers gain knowledge about common pests and pest control associated with our daily lives and environment.


Consumer Alerts

What's important to consumers. This is where we put more newsy items of current issues relating to pests and pesticides in and around the home, food, and the environment.

Questions about Stink Bugs, Asian Lady Beetles, Bed Bugs

Consumers need to be very careful spraying pesticides - especially in living areas. Chemicals are not always the best solution for home pest control. If you choose to use a chemical, READ THE LABEL before buying any pesticide and before you use it. Check out these factsheets and information for help:


Questions about venomous insects and spiders


Consumers often ask about which insects and spiders in Virgina can harm them with venomous bites. By default, many members of the class Arachnida  (Arachnids) possess venom glands and will bite if provoked. Spiders, scorpions, and even ticks are venomous. The greatest fear centers around two venomous spiders, the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse spider. But most large spiders can cause a nasty bite if provoked and the outcome can have complications. Some people have the opinion that even the Black Widow and Brown Recluse pose little threat. We live with these spiders and there aren't a great deal of bites reported. But if you are bitten you should seek medical help immediately.  Things can get complicated if you don't.  Here are a few references that might help.


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Who to Call

For local assistance with consumer pest management and pesticide questions:

EPA Lawn & Garden Page

The EPA Lawn and Garden page provides a number of features of benefit to the average consumer and homeowner. This includes a series of videos to encourage homeowners and communities to adopt healthy lawn care practices as a means of reducing pesticide risk to human health and the environment.

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