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Pesticide Safety Education Resources for Educators and Students

Often students and teachers contact VTPP for help with writing papers, building class presentations, assisting with development of course materials, locating references, campus visits, and locating Virginia Tech services and other resources. We have very similar needs for our own writing, teaching, and research activities. We have created several tools to make our lives easier in this regard and offer these tools to you. Although we link the tools in several other places on this website, we wanted to link them again on this special page for students and teachers. Good luck with your search and thank you for your interest in our website and Virginia Tech.

Resources Available Through Virginia Cooperative Extension (VTPP)

  • One of our tools is a keyword searchable database of important web-based pesticide resources. Each reference in the database includes a brief description of its content or purpose. This database is called:
  • We receive a number of similar requests from the public in our work. We have listed these requests in our "Frequently Asked Questions" page. Here is the link to that database:
  • We have always had a hard time finding royalty free images relating to pesticides for use in our work. So we created our own searchable database of pesticide-related images. We offer that resource to you as:
  • We have developed a number of crossword and wordsearch puzzles that we use as teaching tools. You are welcome to use these to teach with or to learn about pesticides and pesticide safety. Our policy for their use is stated at the bottom of the crossword puzzle page.

Other Resources

We also want to point you to several very well done resources that our colleagues and partners have put together. These include the following:

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Training - MANUALS

ORDER Virginia Certified Pesticide Applicator Training Manuals!

WPS Training Media

Training - Certification

Training options for those seeking certification as pesticide applicators in Virginia.

Training - Recertification
Consumer WARNING - Unregistered Pesticide Products!
Consumers should use caution when buying pest control products. EPA exempts a number of products called "25b" pesticides from registration. Many of these products lack sufficient safety and use information. Many are marketed with false and misleading claims. Avoid buying from door-to-door, online, or telephone sellers. When shopping in your local store, make sure any product you buy has a EPA Registration Number on the label. With bed bugs, brown-marmorated stinkbugs, mosquitoes, and Asian lady beetles affecting our daily lives, we are seeing more "snake-oil" products. If in doubt, contact your local Extension agent for assistance.
VTPP Consumer Newsletter

A newsletter for consumers with questions about pesticides in and around the home.  To view the issues, please click HERE.

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