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Pesticide Education Resources for Consumers

Consumers include applicators who use "general" use pesticides in and around their own homes and gardens in their daily activities. This is non-occupational pesticide use and does not require certification and involves the use of 'home & garden' products that are available at garden centers, hardware stores, grocery stores, etc. These products are ready-to-use and/or low in toxicity, NOT restricted-use, don't have other label restrictions (ex. ag/professional use only), and are sold in convenient quantities and package sizes. Non-occupational pesticide use is hobby/personal use. Hobby/personal use can include controlling nuisances in and around the house, lawn, ornamental beds, or gardens where pesticides are applied by the homeowner or others (ex. volunteers) who do not receive payment for services rendered. There are a variety of educational resources available to help the consumer understand how to safely handle pesticides in the home and garden. There are also other pieces of information relating to consumer issues with pesticides in our food, water, air, and other aspects of our daily lives. Here are some of our recommended resources.

Resources available through Virginia Cooperative Extension

Other Resources

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Training - MANUALS

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WPS Training Media

Training - Certification

Training options for those seeking certification as pesticide applicators in Virginia.

Training - Recertification
Consumer WARNING - Unregistered Pesticide Products!
Consumers should use caution when buying pest control products. EPA exempts a number of products called "25b" pesticides from registration. Many of these products lack sufficient safety and use information. Many are marketed with false and misleading claims. Avoid buying from door-to-door, online, or telephone sellers. When shopping in your local store, make sure any product you buy has a EPA Registration Number on the label. With bed bugs, brown-marmorated stinkbugs, mosquitoes, and Asian lady beetles affecting our daily lives, we are seeing more "snake-oil" products. If in doubt, contact your local Extension agent for assistance.
VTPP Consumer Newsletter

A newsletter for consumers with questions about pesticides in and around the home.  To view the issues, please click HERE.

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