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2014 PSEW

This is the 22nd annual pesticide safety education train-the-trainer workshop sponsored by VTPP and VDACS for Extension faculty in Virginia. The workshop is designed to update agents and specialists on pesticide applicator training procedures and practices for 2014-15. This year is the 50th anniversary of VTPP as Virginia Cooperative Extension's pesticide safety education programming unit. It also marks the 125th year of pesticide safety education at a land-grant university, and the 100th anniversary of Cooperative Extension. Long before Cooperative Extension was established, Virginia Tech faculty were conducting Extension education across the commonwealth. The first known pesticide safety educator (nationally) of record was Professor William Bradford Alwood. He was documented teaching members of the Albemarle Fruit & Grape Growers Association, pesticide safety topics (Charlottesville Chronicle, February 15, 1889) in the courthouse square in Charlottesville. So every agent and specialist in our program fills some mighty big shoes as they conduct their work across Virginia. This workshop is funded by the VDACS Office of Pesticide Services. The workshop focuses on enhancing the pesticide safety education programs conducted by Extension and approved by VDACS throughout the next year. The program is approved to recertify agents in Demonstration and Research (Category 10) pest control. This event also provides a venue at which to recognize the outstanding teamwork enjoyed between VDACS and VCE.


This is the workshop agenda with details on both plenary and small group sessions. Some details are subject to change.

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Registration is now OPEN. Click HERE to register. Please read the workshop guidelines for details. DEADLINE is AUGUST 1, 2014.

Organizing Committee
  • Melanie Barrow (VCE-Henry)
  • Scott Baker (VCE-Bedford)
  • Chris Bergh (Entomology, Smith AREC)
  • Stephanie Blevins (VTPP)
  • Matt Booher (VCE-Augusta)
  • Adria Bordas (VCE-Fairfax)

  • Kevin Camm (VCE-Lynchburg)
  • Tonita Clark (VDACS-OPS)
  • Debbie Dillion (VCE-Culpeper)
  • Eric Day (Entomology)
  • Jason Fisher (VCE-Central District)
  • Liza Fleeson (VDACS-OPS)
  • Holly Gatton (VTPP)

  • Cynthia Gregg (VCE-Brunswick)

  • Bobby Grisso (VCE-Administration)
  • Pat Hipkins (VTPP)
  • Scott Jerrell (VCE-Scott)
  • Chuck Johnson (PPWS, Southern Piedmont AREC)
  • Watson Lawrence (VCE-Chesapeake)
  • Mike Likins (VCE-Chesterfield)
  • Kenner Love (VCE-Rappahannock)
  • Charles Magolda (VDACS-OPS)
  • Cynthia Marston (VCE-Northern District)
  • Rachel Parson (VTPP)
  • Micah Raub (VDACS-OPS)
  • Vickie Rengers (VDACS-OPS)
  • Jeffrey Rogers (VDACS-OPS)
  • Stephanie Romelczyk (VCE-Westmoreland)
  • Kelli Scott (VCE-Montgomery)
  • Shanan Sessor (VTPP)
  • Kevin Spurlin (VDACS-Grayson)
  • Susan Terwilliger (VTPP)
  • Mike Weaver (VTPP)
  • Whitney Weaver (VTPP)
  • Cyndi Wyskiewicz (VCE-Portsmouth)
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