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EPA Lawn & Garden Page

EPA's lawn and garden page has resources valuable for teaching consumer pesticide safety and environmentally-friendly pest management methods. This includes a series of videos on effective lawn care methods. Some show master gardeners helping consumers - obviously EPA was sensitive to the Extension partnership we enjoy with the federal agency and it state lead agencies in developing this content.

Online Training

Online Label Reviewers Training from EPA (valuable for trainers)

Online Training from VTPP (for applicators, trainers, master gardeners)


VCE Agent Awards Program for Exemplary Pesticide Programs

The Virginia Pesticide Control Board and the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services sponsor an annual awards program for VCE agents conducting outstanding pesticide safety education programs and pesticide waste disposal activities. The past award winners and the award guidelines are linked below.

Go to our Agent Awards page to view the latest information on this program.
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PPP Publications

Purdue Pesticide Programs offers many books distributed at the PSEW for sale at a very reasonable cost.  Click HERE to go to their order page.

EHSS Respiratory Protection Program

Virginia Tech Environmental Health and Safety has a Respiratory Protection Program that can be very helpful to agents seeking occupational respiratory protection or as a resource for putting together an educational program. The program website is: The EHSS respiratory specialist is Valerie Pegues.

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