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VT Entomology 17

New Pollinator Labeling

With honey bee populations in crisis, more attention has been given to protecting pollinators from pesticides. Recently, the EPA revised pesticide labeling to bring more awareness to protecting honey bees. This can be found under a new bee advisory box on pesticide labels. 

  • Do NOT apply or drift pesticides onto blooming plants. 
  • Pollinators can be affected by exposure to all types of pesticides when gathering nectar.
  • Contaminated nectar can kill entire hives.
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Virginia Tech Pesticide Programs (VTPP)

Celebrating over 50 years of protecting human health and the environment through pesticide safety education! VTPP offers consumers and pest managers information on pesticides, pesticide safety, pest management, educational opportunities and related services. Pesticide applicators can find information on certification training and regulatory information. Extension agents can find assistance with pesticide safety education programming. Please use the tabs at the top of the page to navigate the site. This site runs best with the newest version of Firefox or Chrome and a minimum screen resolution of 1024 X 768. If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us at "" (solicitations will be ignored)... M. J. Weaver, Professor & VTPP Director


Protecting human health and the environment and promoting regulatory compliance through pesticide safety education.

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A combination of program news and news feeds from various agricultural, environmental and safety resources referencing pesticides and pest management.

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A collection of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) dealing with pesticides, pest management, and other related topics we receive routinely.

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INFO Center

A compilation of pesticide safety education and pest management program information and helpful resources offered by VTPP.

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Assistance for applicators seeking information on getting certified in Virginia or just seeking pesticide regulatory and safety information.

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We offer a variety of educational resources for consumers who use or are interested in pesticides or want to learn about alternatives to using pesticides. Other resources help consumers gain knowledge about common pests and pest control associated with our daily lives and environment.

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Although accessible to the public, this side of the VTPP website is designed as an Intranet site - designed for Virginia Extension agents and specialist use only. You are welcome to look, but the content and resources are not available to the public. Some of the resources available for download are secured through a password protected database.

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A compilation of the training services available through Virginia Tech.

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Our IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program for pesticide applicators is funded by the USDA - National Institute of Food and Agriculture, and the Southern IPM Center. We offer pest management resources, regulatory impact information, and IPM documents developed with our stakeholders. We work primarily with crops at risk of limitations of IPM practices.

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VTPP is actively involved in providing pest management needs information on specialty crops to interested parties, such as the national IR-4 program. We administer the IR-4 program in Virginia. The VTPP Director serves as the IR-4 state liaison representative.

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A historical collection of pest management, pesticide safety, and other disciplines of the early agricultural experiment station in Virginia. A valuable resource for education and preservation of history.

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Images used on web pages in this site. Users are NOT encouraged to take these images as their own. However, we do share our images through our PESTICIDEPICS.ORG (National Pesticide Media Database). Go there if you are seeking images for use in pesticide safety education.

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Videos of spray application and other topics.

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Privacy Statement

Virginia Tech Pesticide Programs has created this statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy. The following discloses the information gathering and dissemination practices for this web site ( and its alternate and alias addresses which include:,,,,,,,

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Training options for those seeking certification as pesticide applicators in Virginia.

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Consumer WARNING - Unregistered Pesticide Products!
Consumers should use caution when buying pest control products. EPA exempts a number of products called "25b" pesticides from registration. Many of these products lack sufficient safety and use information. Many are marketed with false and misleading claims. Avoid buying from door-to-door, online, or telephone sellers. When shopping in your local store, make sure any product you buy has a EPA Registration Number on the label. With bed bugs, brown-marmorated stinkbugs, mosquitoes, and Asian lady beetles affecting our daily lives, we are seeing more "snake-oil" products. If in doubt, contact your local Extension agent for assistance.
VTPP Consumer Newsletter

A newsletter for consumers with questions about pesticides in and around the home.  To view the issues, please click HERE.

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